Hollywood Stars: What They Teach Us

Hollywood stars have taught me a lot of things. For instance, Billy Ray Cyrus taught me that you can put sweat and blood into getting a loved one to be famous and they can trash the life you worked so hard to give them. Shirley Temple taught me that blond curls are really bouncy. Jackie Chan taught me that if you get a good start at something, you can keep doing what you love doing even once you are old and not as good looking and rather wrinkly. Mickey Rooney taught me that just because you were famous doesn’t mean people will remember you. Laurel and Hardy taught me that black and white movies can be really good. Steven Spielberg taught me…well nothing, really, other than the fact that you can make scary movies AND funny cartoons. George Lopez taught me that you can look ugly and still be famous (no offense. He’s an awesome actor, though). Ray Romano (or however you spell his name) taught me that mammoths could talk….in the movies, that is. The Olsen twins taught me that child stars don’t always stay super duper famous. Miley Cyrus taught me to be more careful when choosing someone to be a fan of (I HATE HANNAH MONTANA! BOO!), because they might turn bad when you least expect it. Miranda Cos-grove taught me that you can be a star and still apply for college to gain some knowledge. Jenette McCurdy taught me that you can play a very violent character on a hit TV show and be a good singer who is pretty…I guess. Jess Harnell taught me very little besides the states and capitals song (Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Indianapolis Indiana; and Columbus is the capital of Ohio! There’s Montgomery, Alabama south of Helena, Montana then there’s Denver Colorado under Boise, Idaho!). What have stars taught you? Comment!


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